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Mountain Walks

Whether you fancy tackling one of the nation's favourites or want to experience the blissful quiet of its secret peaks the choice is yours. We will introduce you to the fascinating upland flora and fauna around us, point out the sights and share our top tips on how best to move in the mountains. You never know we may even share one of the many myths surrounding our mountains or our "best pub in the valley" secrets with you. Whichever peak or area you choose we promise to make the day memorable not only for the peak but the journey itself.


Upcoming open sessions:

None at this time

Any pre-requisites?

Prior walking experience is strongly recommended. Full days in the mountains can be gruelling and tiring, especially in less than ideal weather conditions. You should have at least average fitness and the prospect of walking in undulating terrain continuously for 4km/2.5miles should not fill you with dread.

Of course we will tailor the day to your individual fitness levels and can take you on a less demanding journey to experience the beauty of the mountains anyway.

What can you expect?

Discover the rugged beauty of Britain's mountains with its intricate flora and fauna. Enjoy breath-taking mountain views and solitude away from the trodden paths. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and feel accomplished after a quality mountain day out.

Your experienced, qualified, enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide will meet you at the starting point. In some cases we will discuss logistics with you prior to the day, as it can be useful to strategically place cars in order to complete a linear walk as opposed to a big circle.
After some quick introductions you will start your gradual ascent into the mountains. Your guide will break up the monotonous nature of "stomping up the hill" by stopping every now and then and sharing their knowledge of this fascinating and beautiful landscape. Your guide will ensure the pace of the day is leisurely, while also ensuring you stay on track and get off the mountains in time for dinner.

The exact nature of your day will greatly depend on what you want to achieve. We may take you up Snowdon, the country's busiest peak via one of its lesser known routes or complete a multi-peak journey with you across the Western Fells. Whatever your ambition, your guide for the day will be able to accommodate your wishes and allow you to journey safely in this remote and unforgiving terrain.

While we gladly incorporate short sections of scrambling into this day, we find that the smaller group size of the guided scrambling days is better suited to longer stretches of scrambling. Put simply, your guide has to ensure every group member is safely past every difficulty before carrying on. The bigger the group - the longer this takes.

While our maximum ratio for guided mountain walks is usually 1:6, we may be able to accommodate larger ratios on certain well-trodden paths. For example our ratio for Snowdon via the Llanberis Path is up to 1:10. Please contact us if you are looking for a mountain journey with a larger group and we will happily discuss your options.

What do you need to bring?

You should be equipped for a day out in the mountains with warm layers, waterproofs and hiking boots.
The group will be self-sufficient during the day, so please plan for this. In any case the weather in the mountains can change its mind very quickly, so along with a full set of waterproofing we strongly recommend basic sun protection and basic hat and gloves.

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What do our difficulty values mean?

Suitable for beginners with little or no previous knowledge and experience.
For walking activities you should be able to walk at a slow to average pace continuously for 30 minutes.

Suitable for intermediates with basic knowledge and previous experience.
Walking participants should be able to walk at an average pace continuously for 1 hour.
Climbing participants should be able to pass a belay test and/or demonstrate good bouldering practice.

Suitable for those competent at and comfortable with the basics of the activity.
Walking participants should be able to walk at an average pace and ascent rate continuously for 1 hour.
For mountain activities, you should be a little sure-footed and not hugely afraid of heights, as activities may include short sections of exposure and steep ground.
Climbing participants should be able to comfortably and competently top-rope grade 5 climbs or boulder the equivalent.

Suitable for experienced participants with above average fitness and knowledge.
Walking participants are expected to be able to walk at an average pace and rate of ascent continuously for 1 hour over broken terrain.
For mountain activities you are expected to be sure-footed, have a moderate head for heights and be happy with longer stretches of moderate exposure.
Climbing participants are expected to competently lead climb/belay and climb grade 5 indoors (or the equivalent boulder grade).

Suitable for very experienced participants with high degrees of fitness and above average knowledge of the basics.
Walking participants are expected to be able to walk to Naismith's rule (3-4km/hr + 1min/10m ascent) steadily for long periods of time over broken and complex terrain.
For mountain activities you are expected to have a good sense of balance, be sure-footed and happy with long stretches of, at times severe, exposure.
Participants are expected to show high levels of competence and self-sufficiency in their disciplines.

Our current private course price list:
For the prices listed here, we deliver a private booking just for you, on your chosen date and time. Where practical we will deliver the booking in your chosen location, though any areas outside of our usual operational areas may incur extra travel costs. We will let you know should this be the case. You will receive a full breakdown of costs with your quote.
Scrambling£180 for the first 2 participants, £45 for each additional participant

A significant portion of the day is spent scrambling in complex, rocky and steep terrain.

Mountain Walk£180 for the first 4 participants, £45 for each additional participant

Most of the day is spent walking in the mountains, though short sections of scrambling and steep terrain may be encountered.

Hill Walking£170 for the first 4 participants, £25 for each additional participant

Days involving no possibility of scrambling and encountering rocky or steep terrain.

Lowland Walking£160 for the first 6 participants, £20 for each additional participant
Beginner Navigation£390 for the first 4 participants, £75 for each additional participant

2 days learning the fundamentals of navigating with map and compass.

Intermediate Navigation£410 for the first 4 participants, £100 for each additional participant

2 days intermediate navigation, learning to navigate off path and across open countryside.

Advanced Navigation£360 for the first 2 participants, £120 for each additional participant

2 day advanced navigation course learning to navigate in mountaineous terrain and remote countryside.